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club No.1 man

tibush t-shirt

39,90 €

Please see our special Size Chart for a perfect fitting of your slim fit T-Shirt.

Seamless transition from day to night with our bold accented tibush club No.1 T-shirts

  • 100% Cotton
  • Designed in Italy Italy
  • Made in Thessaloniki, Hellas Greece
  • Perfect  Bella Vita style
  • Size Chart
  • Machine wash 30°C
  • Do not bleach
  • Do not tumble dry
  • Iron inside out

club No.1

Seamless transition from day to night with our bold accented tibush club No.1 T- shirt

As the sun sets the mood of the day changes seamlessly into the evening with its time for dinner in a fancy restaurant. Later the DJs are starting to play music and it's time for the T-shirt Club No.1 collection. Cocktails are being served, music is filling the air playing a cosmopolitan mix of music from pop to sultry Latin. People from all walks of the life are dancing together to the night’s music, new friends have been made. The deep blue sea becomes nearly black; illuminated by the flickering lights of the beach bars reflecting the moving bodies of the dancers.
With the tibush Club No.1 T-Shirt you will be the eye-catcher in every club!

Bella Vita Style

Our philosophy echoes the spirit of the Mediterranean Bellavita Style; being care-free, confident and having a quality of life. Our product line for men, women and younger people exemplifies the dynamic nature of contemporary wear and brings you the special BellaVita style to your home.

Slim fit design

Our T-shirts are designed with a slim fit appearance.

Made in Europe

Our product line with unique T-Shirts for men, women and younger people are designed in Italy and produced in Greece.